Periods can return as soon as six weeks after giving birth. Even before you start your period, you can get pregnant. Learn about birth control options.

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70% of people with STIs have no symptoms!
Sexually Transmitted Infections
How much do you know about STIs?
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Which one is best?
Birth Control
IUDs and Nexplanon are the most effective!
Is jealousy ever healthy?
Healthy Relationships
There are many signs of unhealthy relationships. Extreme jealousy is one.
Healthy Relationships
"Q" can stand for either "Queer" or "Questioning"
What does the "Q" stand for?
What is the average age to start maturing?
Boys start maturing between 9 and 15. Girls start between 8 and 13.
What is the best age to start talking to your teen?
Tips for Parents
You can start talking about sexual health with kids as young as 2!

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