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What does LGBTQ+ mean?

LGBTQ+ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning. These terms are used to describe a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The + is because there are many more ways people identify their sexual orientation.

Find below the definition of each term, from GLAAD’s LGBTQ Media Reference Guide.


A woman who is attracted physically, romantically, and/or emotionally to other women. Some lesbians may prefer to identify as gay or as gay women.


The adjective is used to describe people that are attracted physically, romantically, and/or emotionally to people of the same sex. Sometimes lesbian is the preferred term for women.


A person who is attracted physically, romantically, and/or emotionally to those of the same gender or to those of another gender. People may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime. Bisexual people need not have had specific sexual experiences to be bisexual; in fact, they need not have had any sexual experience at all to identify as bisexual.


An umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. People under the transgender umbrella may describe themselves using one or more of a wide variety of terms— including transgender. Many transgender people are prescribed hormones by their doctors to bring their bodies into alignment with their gender identity. Some undergo surgery as well. But not all transgender people can or will take those steps, and a transgender identity is not dependent upon physical appearance or medical procedures.


An adjective used by some people whose sexual orientation is not exclusively heterosexual. Typically, for those who identify as queer, the terms lesbian, gay, and bisexual are perceived to be too limiting and/or fraught with cultural connotations they feel don’t apply to them. Some people may use queer, or genderqueer, to describe their gender identity and/or gender expression.


Sometimes, when the Q is seen at the end of LGBT, it can also mean questioning. This term describes someone who is questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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