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FAQs based on age

The questions below are commonly asked in the age range, but they could come sooner or later depending on the child. Some questions require parents to think about what values they want to share, while other questions are just about facts.


Look through the questions and think about how you might respond to them. Practicing ahead of time doesn’t mean you’ll respond perfectly but it helps.


  • Preschool-age

    • Why do I have to keep my clothes on?

    • Where do babies come from?

    • How did I get in your tummy?

    • Why does mommy have breasts? How does milk get in breasts?

    • What’s this? (pointing at part of the body)

    • When can I have a baby?

    • Do you have a penis/vagina?


  • Elementary school age

    • What does gay mean?

    • Can I marry my friend?

    • How do people do sex?

    • How do twins get made?

    • What is sex?

    • Does everyone get periods?

    • Why does it feel good to touch my penis?

    • How do you know if you’re in love?


  • Middle and high school age

    • Can you get pregnant standing up?

    • The first time you have sex?

    • What is birth control?

    • How old do you have to be to have sex?

    • How do girls orgasm?

    • How do I know if I’m gay?

    • Is it normal to masturbate?

    • How do you let someone know you like them?

    • How do you break up with someone?

    • What’s anal?

    • What does rape mean?

    • Will anyone ever want to date me?

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