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What is intersectionality?

People have complex lives and identities. Intersectionality means that all of the experiences and identities someone has are considered together, how they intersect. 

For example; someone who is gay, an immigrant, and black lives all of the things that come with those identities together and there are aspects of how those identities combine that impact them. Focusing on just one aspect of who they are ignores important challenges, needs, and strengths that they have. 


Turning our awareness into action

  • Be Intentional: Make a commitment to understand what you’re getting right and what you’re getting wrong.

  • Give Holistic Attention: Center other people’s perspectives, how they are directly impacted by your decisions, language, and actions, and how it makes them feel.

  • Collaborate & Listen: Meet individuals at their intersections and be ready to respond with action.

  • Hold Yourself & Others Accountable: Check-in with yourself on how your actions impact others and if you are being an ally, and adjust as needed.

We all deserve to have our voices heard, our experiences understood, and our unique needs addressed through relevant policies and culture change. We can create deeply-felt inclusion through authentic connections in our personal relationships, workplace culture, and daily interactions with others—the work starts with each of us. Are you ready to take a step forward?

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