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We all have many relationships with friends, family, and people in our community but what about the capital R Relationship? The romantic and sexual types of relationships.

All relationships are made up of different levels of:

  • Passion - feelings of attraction and desire

  • Intimacy - feelings of closeness and being connected

  • Commitment - feelings of dedication and attachment


​People want different things in relationships. Some people might want a relationship that is just passion with no commitment or intimacy, like a hookup. Others might want a relationship with a lot of commitment and intimacy and less passion. Knowing and discussing what the expectations are can help prevent hurting others and ourselves.

What can I do if I think I’ve been sexually assaulted? 

If you have experienced a sexual assault recently, the first thing to do is find a safe place. Your safety is the most important thing. If you have experienced a sexual assault and are looking for support, you can call the Pueblo Rape Crisis Services 24-hour hotline at 719-549-0549. Pueblo Rape Crisis Services has many resources and offers case management if you need it.
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